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Meet Jackie

Certified Health Coach 

Through many years in medical sales and travels around the country,  we have found so many people that are sick and tired, and not enjoying their prime time years as much as they thought they would. Many are spending too much time in doctors’ offices and not having enough fun. 


We have found that living and eating as clean as possible and detoxing on a regular basis, can help support vibrant health as we age. We have found natural remedies that take care of the normal aches and pains of aging and help us feel good without the medications that most folks our age are taking.  We prefer to spend our money on natural, wholesome real food, and natural remedies – rather than doctors and prescription medication.   

If you feel the same way, let's do this together!


The Healthy Living Workshop

To learn more about the 4 pillars of the LEAN program, contact me for a FREE Wellness Consult!

  • Lifestyle

  • Exercise

  • Attitude

  • Nutrition

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